Thursday, January 30, 2014

Club Meeting - Tuesday 14th January

The meeting was conducted as outlined in the agenda. Club Chairperson, Andy Rimmer opened the meeting, reminding members that annual subscriptions are now due. After a review of motivation submissions during 2013, some members have been notified about progression from Beginners to Intermediate, etc. This is always a very positive sign. Changes will take effect from February.
Andy also mentioned the club's annual weekend away which takes place in May. The committee are presently deliberating this issue but it will most likely be one of two options; Mayo coast - Clew Bay & Louisburg or a return to the Aran Islands, specifically Inis Oirr. Deliberation is ongoing but decisions and bookings will need to be made promptly. More on this at the next meeting.

BCC Flickr Pool - Photo of the Month
Each month, club members registered with Flickr are encouraged to put their photos into the Boyle Camera Club Flickr Pool. From the pool, a committee member selects an image and discusses it at the beginning of the meeting. This month, Matthew Gammon selected Joe Kennedy's 'Boat at Bunbeg' and Tony Murphy's 'Edinburgh at Night'. Des O'Dwyer selected Martin Cooke's 'Autumn'.

5-Minute Photo
Joe Kennedy spoke about one of his recent Long-Exposure photos. He showed a number of versions of the same image and discussed reasons for his final selection and processing technique.

Joe Kennedy - 'Defiance' 

Tony Murphy delivered the long awaited part-two on the life and work of Fr. Frank Browne. Tony discussed Browne's life from the period 1916 when he joined the Irish Guards and became the most decorated chaplain of WW1 up to his death, aged 80 in 1960. Emphasis was on the stunning photographic legacy and varied themes and subject matter Fr. Browne left behind him. With an archive of more than 40,000 images, there is hardly a village or town in Ireland that escaped the scrutiny of Browne's lens. His contribution to documenting the modernisation of Ireland and that time of  constant change, is unrivalled. Truly one of our countries great heroes.

Photo by Fr. Browne of Arigna Coal Mine 1933

Desmond O'Dwyer presented this month's Motivation. The theme for January was 'Pictures that tell stories'. Matthew Gammon judged entries and gave a personal critiques on selected shots.

Motivation Winners - January 2014 - Story Pictures
Top - Brian Mullelly, Lower left - Margaret Dolan and Right - Gretchen Luosey
The winners in each category were;
  1. Brian Munnelly - 'Christmas Morning'
  2. Peter Kelly - 'Brother & Sister'
  3. Mick Nolan - 'A Few Words'
  1. Margaret Dolan - 'Hope Abandoned'
  2. Jordan Cummins - 'Well Travelled'
  3. Maeve Cormican - 'Doctor's Surgery'
  1. Gretchen Luosey - 'Where is He?'
  2. Lexie Monaghan - 'After the Storm'
  3. Noreen McNamara - 'Tea-Time at the Lake'
The February motivation theme is; "STILL-LIFE". Members can submit up to four images. Images taken before September 2013 are NOT eligible for entry!

A reminder also that the title of each photo should be;
"MEMBERS NAME - CATEGORY (Beg, Int, Adv), IMAGE TITLE and MEMBERSHIP NUMBER" e.g. “John Fox - Beg – Autumn Evening Reflection – 104.jpg”

Entries should be re-sized so that a landscape format photo is 1024 pixels wide or if in portrait format the photo is 600 pixels high.
Entries on or before Friday 7th February  to; 

Group Sessions
Due to the extended period given to the main presentation, it was decided to postpone the Group Sessions until the February meeting.

Photo Shoot
This month's club photo shoot will take place on Sunday 2nd February. Members should meet at St. Joseph's Resource Centre at 10am. Weather permitting, we will go to Lough Key Forest Park to shoot the Dog-Sleigh Races or conduct a still-life shoot indoors.

Other Items
IPF 'NATURE' photo competition. Closing date for submissions is 1st February.
IPF PRINT and PROJECTED IMAGES Regional Qualifying Rounds.

Next Club Meeting - Tuesday 11th February 8pm at St. Joseph's Resource Centre, Boyle.

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