Sunday, January 24, 2016

Monthly Motivation Submission

Dear members. The Motivation theme for February is PORTRAITURE. The theme can be interpreted as portraiture in a formal setting or a more imaginative approach. We would encourage members to do a little visual research by looking at the work of some portrait photographers and use what's discovered to influence photos? Portraits are about people but pay close attention to details and the background setting. Portrait photos should tell us something about the sitter, in a subtle or direct way. Yes, the face is important but not essential ... an image of someones hands might tell us more about their character than an image of their face.

Submission of Photos for Motivation
Members should familiarise themselves with the MOTIVATION RULES. Pay particular attention to Titles and Resizing images.
At the beginning of each month, John will notify members via the Forum and Facebook, etc regarding a specific LINK on Dropbox where members should post their photos (see video above). There are separate links for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced members.
The closing date for submissions will be the first Tuesday of each month. Judging will then take place and all photos will be made public on Dropbox.
This process is currently being done on a trial basis and will be reviewed in the months ahead.

February Motivation - entries before Tuesday 2nd February (Dropbox link to follow).
Next Club Meeting - Tuesday 9th February, 8pm St. Joseph's Resource Centre, Boyle.

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