Monday, January 2, 2017

January Meeting - Skills Sessions

Firstly, Happy New Year to all! As discussed at the last meeting the January meeting is to focus on a learning section. We have two sessions lined up. 

Edit Challenge
Des is to take those interested in lightroom editing, note you do not need to be a lightroom user to part take as techniques used will be applicable across all editing software. Also this is aimed at already competent users and is NOT a entry level session. Raw file is available for download here.

Please submit edited versions of the files here by Midnight the 6th January 

Des will use these as part of the discussion at the next meeting. This is a great opportunity to focus on editing and the various images which can be created from the same base file.

Basic Skills Session
John Walshe will take a second group. From previous discussions there is a interest in learning more about basic camera skills and basic editing. Due to the time constraints only one topic can be covered. Options are,

Basic Camera Skills, a discussion on Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO and the effect each has,
Basic editing skills, using photoshop elements, learn how to do basic editing, basic layers, resizing and saving. 

The choice is yours! See link here to chose you preferred course, which ever is most popular will be ran, the other can be ran later in the year if there is interest. Please vote before midnight 6th January. 

See you all at our next meeting on the 10th January, in St Josephs Resource Centre, Boyle at 8pm.

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