Monday, September 25, 2017

Well done Matthew - AIPF distinction

Congratulations to club member Matthew Gammon who was awarded his Associateship at the recent IPF Meeting in Carlow. Matthew is the first member to gain the AIPF within the club. His panel was based on his recent successful solo exhibition 'Beauty in the Commonplace'. The successful panel and panel statement can be seen below. Well done Matthew!

Panel Statement:

This panel is a selection of works from my recent exhibition, Beauty in the Commonplace. The works in the exhibition represent my own unique interpretation of structure, line and form in both the natural and man-made landscapes that surround our everyday life. These particular fifteen works focus on man-made structures. Through the abstraction of what I believe to be the essential elements in what I see around me, I have attempted to capture and interpret the innate beauty to be found in what can become, through habit, the commonplace and everyday.

All the works are hand printed by myself using the photo intaglio printmaking process which allows me to create prints that best express my artistic vision. Through the use of modern technology in the form of both digital photography and photopolymer plates, I am able to retain the intimate links between photography and printmaking, whilst pushing the boundaries of what can be created in this modern reincarnation of the photogravure process.

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