Thursday, October 23, 2014

November Motivation - Stranger Portraits

The list of themes for the Monthly Motivation is presently being prepared by our new Motivation Secretary, Joe Kennedy. He has decided to raise the bar for us all this month with the theme; Portrait of a Stranger'.
Joe says, "It can be a daunting prospect, to approach strangers in the street and ask if you can take their photograph, but trust me, the confidence that you’ll gain and the photos you take are well worth the embarrassment of being rejected a few times by people you’ll never meet again. There are people of all sorts of shapes, sizes, and tones, with crazy hairstyles, boring hairstyles, over the top make up and no make up, out-there fashion sense and no fashion sense at all. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the people around us that shape our lives, and therefore need capturing."

Entries to be submitted in the usual way via email by Friday 4th November.

If your not familiar with the work 'Humans of New York', take a look on line, I think this is what Joe has in mind. Happy Shooting!

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